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Our System Does All The Heavy Lifting

Our Platform was built with the busy, business owner in mind. It takes less than 2 minutes of your time to enter in your customer’s email or cell number and our automated system will take it from there. A quick two-button survey makes it easy for your customer to quickly give you their opinion of your business to the world. We send satisfied customers or clients to the online review sites of your choice and unhappy customers are able to communicate their dissatisfaction directly back to you, privately, so you have a chance win back your customer.


Strategic Reporting

With the click of a button on your dash board, you can see real time reports that can help you and your staff tilt the “Review Playing Field” in you favor. Don’t have the time do to it yourself? Our platform will automatically do you for you. You specify the date and time and your reports will be emailed to you and your staff.

Easy SEO and Other Effective Power Tools

With our upgraded service you:

Have the easiest Search Engine Optimization tool at your fingertips.  Simply put our Review Streaming Embed Code on your website and post current reviews from other sites on your own Home page.

Have access a landing page widget for use in your media campaigns.

Can ad the Email Signature Snippets to your signature file that helps strengthen your drive to increase positive reviews

You can use the REVIEW US button on your webpage or other sites to drive customers into your review funnel.

Try it today and see results in 30 days.

  • I can totally see how this platform can drive reviews. To stay competitive in business you MUST have great ratings.  Prestige makes this happen quickly.

    Tara W
    Tara W
  • I was able to figure out why I didn’t have placement on Google or Yelp. Now, that this is straightened out, I have 5 Google Reviews in the first two days.  Simple and easy. Highly Recommend.

    Lisa H.
    Lisa H.
  • This system is Crazy Good!  We had 3 Facebook likes as of February 1st.  We implemented the Prestige’s Funnel System on the same day. Now, 60 days later we have 75 Facebook likes, 23 Facebook Reviews, 6 Google Reviews and 5 Yelp Reviews.  We have a 4.95 star rating across all sites and we see more and more reviews coming.  This is a winner.

    Joseph B.
    Joseph B.
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